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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Add Blogger's Follow By Email Gadget To Your Blog

Yay, Blogger has rolled out a new feature, 'Follow by Email' recently! That was since March 2011 but I got to know of it only a few days ago when I googled to know more about RSS and Email subscriptions.

This lovely Follow by Email gadget, when installed in your blog, will easily allow your readers and fans to receive your latest blogposts and updates in their inbox, when they subscribe to your blog. This is one of the simplest, yet powerful ways to distribute your blog's contents effortlessly to as many people as possible in the blogosphere and keep them engaged for as long as they are subscribed.

It's an alternative way besides subscribing to your RSS Feed. Some may prefer the latter while there are others who prefer to subscribe by email. Let your readers have a choice!

Are you ready then to add this email feature to your blog?
Follow these super-easy steps on how to
install Blogger's Follow by Email gadget to your blog :
  1. Login to your Blogger account. At Dashboard, select Design to open the Page Elements tab. Click on the Add a Gadget link at the desired section of the layout.

  2. The Add a Gadget window will open to display the various gadgets available for your selection. The Follow by Email is the first on the list of gadgets. Click on the plus sign beside it, and you will be taken to its configure window.

    Screenshot of Blogger's Add A Gadget - Follow by Email

  3. Then, just click the Save button and you are done.

    Screenshot of Blogger's Configure Follow by Email window

    View the Follow by Email gadget at your blog - your readers can then just enter their email address and click Submit to subscribe or follow by email.

Try it - be the first to subscribe to your own blog, using your newly installed gadget, just to test that all's well!

Tips: You will be able to view your subscription information from your Google Feedburner account. Simply login to and click on the name (title) of your feed and explore - there are lots of interesting information and statistics to digest!

Keep learning~~keep smiling~~keep sharing!!


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