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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Identity Options for Leaving Comments on Blogger Blogs

Blogger's commenting system offers many identity options for leaving comments. Yet some blogger blog owners do not provide the complete list of identity options already made available by Google, probably intentionally or unknowingly.

A recent visitor to this blog would like to know why some of the blogs that she wanted to leave a comment on, did not give the Name/URL option. I'm mighty glad that she challenged me for an answer as it pushed me to pursue the matter at hand. Frankly, I had encountered such similar scenario and had always wondered why, but never bothered to investigate further until then.

It can be frustrating when commenting on a blog or website, and find that you're unable to link back to the desired blog of yours that has related contents.

Therefore, it is advisable to offer the complete list of identity options for commenting to your readers and reward them for visiting your blog. Anyway, it's as easy as ABC to enable it at your blog's setting.

Here's how to provide the full list of Identity Options for commenting:

Monday, April 15, 2013

Blogger Introduces A New Template HTML Editor

A few days ago I had wanted to do a tutorial on some new blogging techniques that I've learned recently, only to be surprised that the Edit Template editor that I was familiar with had 'disappeared' without warning! To see the new Template HTML Editor, click the 'Template' tab on the Blogger dashboard, then the 'Edit HTML' button.

Blogger has updated it with new features, an improved version that's to bring smiles to many.

Screenshot to show the features of the new Template HTML Editor

This is good news to many, especially the web-developers, programmers and tech-savvy blog owners, but sad news to as many of us ordinary bloggers who are technically challenged!

I fall under the second group.... before I can master the old, it is being replaced by the new, a roller coaster ride until I learn and catch up again.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Add Your Customized Favicon To Blogger Blogs

Have you ever wondered how to add your own customized favicon (also known as favourite icon) to your blog?

It's a tiny image (16x16px) that you can have next to your web browser's window or tab to give the professional touch to your blog and make it easily identifiable.

Screenshot to show an example of custom favicon at browser's tab

Thanks to the Blogger team that had enabled this feature more than a year ago and simplify the process for us bloggers to install it at our blogspot. Yay... no knowledge of HTML or CSS codes required! Isn't that wonderful?

For those who are interested and yet to apply your uniquely customized favicon to your blog, just follow the steps in the tutorial below.

Monday, September 10, 2012

When commenting, use other Identity Options instead of Google Account

I've known its benefit for some time but as usual, I had procrastinated in making the change in my blog's commenting.

Screenshot to show ID options when commenting on BloggerIf a blogger is logged in to his/her Blogger/Google account, and uses the 'Google' as the the identity option when commenting, it will link to the blogger's profile, rather than his/her actual blog URL. You may prefer to use the ID 'Name/URL' because when the commentator clicks on your name it goes straight to your blog for more beneficial contents instead of your profile, and it'll increase your traffic hits too.

The disadvantage of using the identity option 'Google' is if the blogger has too many blogs, you won't know which blog it came from, making it difficult to reciprocate.

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