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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jacq's blog on blogging tips

I'm not a computer wizard or HTML person at all, just a resourceful and persevering learner who's always very keen to improve as best as I could, from online or elsewhere.

Screen shot of my oldest blog's new Blogger Layouts FeaturesHaving recently upgraded my oldest blog's template to a newer version, I'm dazzled by all the new blogger layout features made available to us all. Simply awesome.

And, as I learn and try out more of these fantastic features, html and other related matters the hard way through much trial and error, I strongly feel that it's such a waste if I don't compile and share them. Knowledge is useless unless shared!

Some of them could appear too simple to do, to some bloggers perhaps, but if you're not exposed to them or have not attempted thus far, they can be very intimidating. I've realized this for a fact, as I continue to teach a friend who's new to blogging. Even as simple as how-to create a blog can be so daunting or seemingly impossible for newbies.

Thus, I've decided to do just that...try my best to share whatever I've learned along the way, from the very basics and will include some handy blogging tips, tricks and techniques whenever I can. This is also another way of improving myself and to acquire more knowledge and hopefully be more competent in blogging, html and blog design.

Moreover, I always believe that there's much joy in sharing than receiving!

That's how the idea of creating another blog, specifically for this purpose was conceived. it is, the creation of my newest blog, Jacq's Blogger Tips!

Screen shot of Jacq's Blogger Tips, converted to a 3-column minibox template

Aspire to put a smile on someone's face each day! Happy blogging!

Comments and feedbacks are most welcome and appreciated.

Keep learning ... keep sharing ... keep smiling! :-)


  1. Thanks for some of the info. I have already applied some staff on my blog. I have a questions, how do you change the blog templates? I one one that is no a sample from blog spot but some other cool ones, thanks. How can I do that?

  2. My pleasure, Miryam!

    Frankly, I've stuck to just Blogger template styles, so I'm unable to help you in your enquiry. Tips that are offered here will only cover projects that I've tested myself and found them okay! Sorry about that.

    I'm sure the sites that offer these cool templates for free would also include instructions about how-to install them. Check it out at those sites.


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