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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Use CSS text-transform property to reformat text

Have you ever wished you can change the way the default text is presented at the header, footer and elsewhere in your Blogger blogs but don't know how to? Well, it had driven me up that wall in exasperation before and sent me searching for answers!

Fret no more as I found out that it's really easy to reformat the text style and I'm sharing the way to go forward here! Not all Blogger's Template Styles have this problem though, but definitely the template 'Minima' that I'm using does. You just need to use the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) text-transform property to control the capitalization effects of the text in HTML.

Use the text-transform property with any of the following value:
  • text-transform:uppercase; - it will convert all characters of each word in uppercase.
    An example of uppercase text is - THIS IS MY BLOG!
  • text-transform:lowercase; - it will convert all characters of each word in lowercase.
    An example of lowercase text is - this is my blog!
  • text-transform:capitalize; - it will put the first character of each word in uppercase.
    An example of capitalize text is - This Is My Blog!
  • text-transform:none; : no capitalization effects at all, text will remain as it is.

How to transform or control the capitalization of a text in HTML :
(in this tutorial, I'll use my blog's header description as the example, converting the original uppercase text to capitalize)

Screen shot of Blog's Header title and description in uppercase text

Screen shot showing Blog's Header description in capitalize text

  1. To start, you'd need to edit your blog's template - go to Dashboard | Layout | Edit HTML.
  2. Next, use the browser's search function (press Ctrl+F keys) to find the following code, #header .description { and scroll lower to the words, text-transform:uppercase;
  3. Then, to transform the text, just change the value from uppercase to capitalize. Click Preview to view the change and if you're pleased, click Save Template and you're done!

Screen shot of Blog's Edit Template to illustrate how to transform capitalization of text

Quick and easy, huh!

Useful links: on CSS text-transform property on other text formatting properties


  1. Cool! Thanks!
    Now, is there a way to change the font to any other cool font instead of just the few select fonts? (Any font on my computer or on the internet)

  2. You're most welcome, O Schrock!
    I'm sure there are ways to change fonts, though I'm unable to assist you as I've never research in this area, being contented with whatever available for selection. Sorry!


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