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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adsense Ads Placement Below Post Titles in Blogger

Placing Google Adsense Ads in our Blogger blogs or websites is one of the many ways that we can earn money for publishing contents online. Wonderful isn't it, being paid for something that we love doing?

Better still if we know how to make more money, right? Get some tips by exploring Google's pictorial heat map regarding the ideal positioning for Google ads in your blog that may possibly help to increase your adsense earnings. Google's AdSense ads placement guideline indicated the strongest performance to be above the primary content or below the post title.

However, bear in mind that you won't be able to make any money with AdSense if there's no traffic or minimal traffic (visitors) to your blog. The more traffic your site receives, the greater the potential in earnings as visitors is the lifeblood of a blog or website.

I believe this to be true as experienced at my wordpress-powered garden website, With God's blessings, after about 4½ years of blogging, it's currently having an average of almost a thousand visitors daily and getting very satisfactory earnings according to my humble standard, which means that I can at least expect monthly payment from Google! The bulk of earnings comes from the medium rectangle (300x250) Google ads positioned below the post titles, and following closely behind is the leaderboard 728x90 ads placed below the header or above the fold. Gosh, I stumbled upon these data only very recently when I went ahead to 'Try the new AdSense interface (beta)' that was launched globally last November and learned to revamp my ads and add custom channels to track their performances. What a slow learner I am... problem is there's so much to learn, self-study and experiment, plus up against limited free time!

Screenshot to illustrate adsense ads placement below post title or above primary contentAnyway, all those encouraging stats above had given me the impetus to finally seek and learn how-to place the adsense ads below the post titles at my Blogger blogs as well. Of course, I don't expect much momentum as traffic to these Blogger blogs is sluggish (an average of 40-70 visitors/day and garnering earnings between $2-$4/month) due to my own inactivity in adding only one new post or none each month. But all the same, I love learning and experimenting, and would like to share this recently acquired knowledge here. If others can benefit from my sharing and be happy about it, that itself will make my day.

Placing Google ads below post titles in Blogger to improve ad visibility and get a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) with increased earnings is not difficult at all. Just three stages - simply create an ad unit, parse the ad code and add it in your blog's template.

Here's sharing the tutorial on
how to place/add AdSense ads below post titles or above post content:

A. Create Adsense ad unit code :
  1. Log in to your Google Adsense account to create your ad unit. Take note that you cannot use Blogger's Inline Adsense or the Adsense gadget for this purpose.
  2. Click on AdSense Setup > Get Ads and follow through to setup your desired ad format. Be sure to assign a new ad channel to it to enable tracking of its performance later.

  3. Upon completion, the adsense unit code will be generated. Then, copy the entire adsense code. It needs to be encoded before adding to the blog template, otherwise it won't work.
B. Encode the Adsense ad unit code at HTML :
  1. Just follow the link to HTML above which will open in a new tab.
  2. Then, paste the adsense code that you had copied in the text area and click the Encode button.
  3. Next, copy the encoded adsense code which will be required to be added to your blog template in the next stage at step C.4 below.
C. Adding the encoded adsense code to your blog template :
  1. Go to your blog's Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML. As usual, save your template before editing.
  2. Check the Expand Widget Templates, located on top right of the HTML window.
  3. Then, use the browser's search function (press Ctrl+F keys) to find this tag:
  4. And, paste right above it, the following code that should include your own encoded adsense code :
    <!-- Adsense Above Posts start -->
    <b:if cond='data:post.isFirstPost'>
    <!-- Adsense Above Posts End -->

  5. Preview and if all's well, save and view blog. That's all! Now, with this hack, adsense ads will show below the post title on all individual post pages. For the home page, labels page and archive page, which has multiple posts, the ads will show up only below the post title of the first post, so that it will not exceed the number of adsense ads/units allowable per page by Google.

Customize the Adsense Ads below post titles (optional)

1. Float ads to either left or right:

By default no text will be shown next to the adsense ads. If you wish it to float either left or right, you'll need to add some CSS codes. Just enclose the whole script together with the encoded adsense code in step C.4 above with the following :

begin with -
<div style="float:left;padding:5px;">

and end with -

(Tip: to float right, just replace the word, 'left' with 'right')

2. Show adsense ads in individual post pages only:

If you do not wish to show any adsense ads on home page, as well as labels and archive page,
just replace the following snippet at step C.4 above:
<b:if cond='data:post.isFirstPost'>

with the one below -
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

Recommended: Do monitor your ads performance. If you don't see positive changes, experiment and test again with different ad formats, types, colors and even reposition if necessary.

Many successful bloggers have attested that publishing good and useful contents to attract traffic and placing ads at strategic locations in your blog go hand in hand and is paramount in building a successful money-making blog. Of course, not all blogs are the same. You can have the ads placed at the same position for a few of your blogs and yet the clickthrough rates will differ from one to the other. A lot of other factors are involved, especially the traffic volume.

You may want to visit Lisa of as she recommends 6 ways to increase your adsense earnings. Her YouTube on Google Adsense Record Earnings and others, which are laced with down-to-earth tips are very inspiring and encouraging.

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Keep learning~~keep smiling~~keep sharing!!


  1. Thanks so much for your help and guidance .... think my Adsense earnings are beginning to see daylight!

  2. Hi Jacq, Thank you very much for this
    AdSense Ads Placement tutorial. I have added on my page and it really works. I've learned a lot from your site, thanks again :)

  3. @ Cheah - The pleasure is all mine, my dear! I'm so happy for you.

    @ Anncoo - You too! I enjoy sharing.

    Thank you both for your positive feedback. May $$ keep rolling in for you, huh! :)

  4. It is well explained.

  5. Thanks, I appreciate your sweet comment!

  6. Great tip but I usually don't visit / return to blogs that have ads. It's like watching TV with too many commercials.

  7. Thanks, Donna! To each his own as all of us have aversions. I, on the other hand, don't mind the ads, as I'd target to absorb the useful contents presented instead, in the sites. Same with TV commercials, I'd just shut my eyes and allow my mind to wander on other positive areas when ads are being shown.

  8. Thanks for this very detailed and informative tutorial about google ads placement. Now, I think I can make lots of earning through this. Gonna learn how to drive lots of traffic for my blog now so this can be really effective. Thanks again!

  9. You're most welcome, Wow gold! All the best to you,

  10. thanks for this post! just be careful - I can see two illegal things on your site that can ban you from adsense - revealing your earnings and traffic together, and placing too many ads 'above the fold'.

    when you load your website, you should have at least 50% filled up with content, not ads - according to google's TOS.

    take a look at for a different layout idea

  11. Thanks for your concern, Anonymous. However, I don't think my subtle disclosure of earnings and traffic as examples for the sole purpose of showing their relevance to ads performance have violated Google's TOS. Also, my placement of just 2 Ad units above the fold is in accordance with suggestions from Google's heat map.

  12. great tips thank you! i've implemented it in my blog today, let's see if it will make any difference!!! :)

  13. You're most welcome, Seblog! Wish you success.

  14. Thanks i used it my site

  15. Thank you very much I have made it see

    1. You're most welcome... the pleasure of sharing is all mine, Udakuzi!

  16. i was looking to put some space between post title and content of my article how can i do this


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    Well published posts... like your blog...
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