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Friday, January 29, 2010

Read More link missing from blogspot post summaries

Continuing from my related post on:
Create 'Read More' with Jump Break Feature in Blogger

Why is the 'Read More' link not appearing after the post summaries on the homepage or main page? Post has break and shows snippet but the text 'Read More' is missing? What went wrong, asked a blogger friend? I was as bewildered since my blogspot didn't encounter this problem and creating the Jump break feature was simply a breeze for me!

After doing some research online, I've learnt the following and the reasons why the Read More text link is missing below the post summaries :
  1. blogspot blogs using any of the original templates selected from Blogger's template library shouldn't encounter such a problem. Inserting the Jump Break function in a post will automatically display the post's summary and present the Read More link below it on blog's homepage.
  2. blogs using a customized third-party template will have to add a snippet of HTML code into their blog's template to make Jump Break feature work as mentioned at Blogger Help.
  3. even though your blog template is that of Blogger's, you may face the problem of the missing 'Read More' text, if it had been highly modified or customized as attested at Blogger Plugins and probably encountering some other problems as stated at Blogger Buster.
Thus, enlightened with the above knowledge and after some brainstorming and experimenting, I now know how to fix or solve the problem of the missing 'Read More' text link after the post summaries and would love to share a tutorial here.

How to make Blogger's Read More link work in customized templates :
  1. First, prepare and publish a post with the Jump Break function if you haven't done one yet. Learn how to create that function, if necessary. Then, check to view your homepage to see whether the link 'Read more' appear below the post summary. If it does, then all's fine, otherwise, you'd need to continue the remaining steps below.

  2. Go to Layout | Edit Template, then tick the Expand Widget Templates box. Use the browser's search function (press Ctrl+F keys) to find the word, jumplink. If the result shows, Phrase not found, that confirms that you'd need to add the relevant code to your blog's template to make the Jump Link function appear.

  3. Find the code, <data:post.body> and the rest, like this:

    <div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

  4. Then, copy and paste the following code in red, directly below the above code as illustrated in image:

    <b:if cond='data:post.hasJumpLink'>
    <div class='jump-link'>
    <a expr:href='data:post.url + "#more"' expr:title='data:post.title'><data:post.jumpText/></a>

    Screen shot of Edit Template to show addition of the JumpLink HTML code

  5. Next, preview your changes. The 'Read more' text link should appear below the post summary. If the result is as expected, click Save Template and you're done!
Take note that if you have added the LinkWithin widget at the end of your post, the Read more link will be shifted below it. Find out how to rectify the incorrect placement here.

Hope this article had helped you somehow and put a smile on your face. It sure made me smile knowing that I've learned so much in helping a friend solve her problem.

Keep learning...keep sharing....keep smiling! :-D


  1. Thanks Jacqueline for the brainstorming you had on my problem. Haha I am enjoying the fruit of your labour :p

  2. My pleasure, Elin! Thanks to you, I had the opportunity to probe further and acquire more insights. gave me a topic to include in this blog too. A win-win situation, right? In giving, I receive much in return, huh! :D

  3. Hi Jacqueline, very interesting. I love experimenting sometimes. Can see you sure did an autopsy, ha ha.
    You have fun and keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.

  4. Haha..Lee, you sure had me figured out, huh! I do enjoy learning new things, it's really fun, keeps me mentally alert, and smiling when things turn out fine.
    I like the colours of your avatar...a chinese character, right?

  5. Hi Jacque, Yes....used to have the figure of a couple doing Tango, then like you said you like the colours of this one, me too, I decided to have it.
    And yes, Chinese characters for 'Love'.

    After all Love is what makes the World go round, not to mention one heck of a Roller Coaster ride too, ha ha.

    And who being loved is poor?
    You have a pleasant week and stay beautiful, best regards, Lee.
    ps, thank you for dropping by my pondok, L.

  6. Jacque, your profile is the 'Flame of the forest'? Right?
    It reminds me of a lovely lady I once knew who's house, I rented a room from her...had this tree infront of the house.

    I did a posting of this story long ago, a romance like no other, between a beautiful mature lady and a young gentleman, half her age. Lee.

  7. Lee, you appear to be a romantist (hehe, wonder whether that's the right word?) at heart. No wonder that lovely character!
    Btw, my image is Caesalpinia pulcherrima or Peacock Flower that flowered profusely in our garden when I started my first blog which is named after it. Quite similar to the one you mentioned that has even more spectacular blossoms.

  8. Hi Jacqueline,

    Thanks for this tutorial...I've just used the "page break"..

    What can be added to my html to make this "read more" font much larger? And to "center" this link instead of using the left justified tag?

    Thanks so much for your help....I'll come back here to read your answer or you can visit my blog and leave me a comment.

    Have a great day,
    Stephanie ♥

  9. You're most welcome, Stephanie! Sorry though, I'm unable to help you further as I'm not that tech-saavy! Only can share what I've learnt and experimented thus far.

    1. Hi Stephanie! I've created an article at in Jan 2011 regarding your problems and by other bloggers. Check it out!

  10. Very effective guide!!!
    Works fine on my blog! Big help!
    Thanks! ;)

  11. Liezhelle, thank you very much for your thanks and positive feedback! Much appreciated.

  12. Wow so that's the problem all the time! It kept me curious and made me spend hours to solve this (i mean, in two or three times :))

    Thanks for looking for the solution of a problem you didn't actually encounter ;)

    1. The pleasure in sharing is all mine, Vita. Delighted that you've solve your problem with this article.
      Happy blogging!!

    2. btw, coming here again as my labels are not appearing either, although I have activated label widget and tick the label option in post setting. Does it seem that I have to edit something in the template just like this read-more-missing problem? Thanks :D

    3. Hi Vita! I noticed that you have a Label Widget at your blog but no Labels at the end of your blog posts. They are two different features.
      If your problem is the latter, just go to your Dashboard, choose Layout and click the Edit link for Blog Post. A window appears to Configure Blog Posts. Scroll down to Post Page Options and tick at Labels.
      Hope this helps!

    4. Hi Jacq, thanks. Yup, I've done that before and now again as you suggested :D, however still, the label in each post is missing.. do you have any other idea why? thanks again! ;)

  13. Hey admin I have done whatever you have said above but the read more text is not showing until on my blog please.. my blog is

    1. Hi Arif,

      Your blog's HOMEPAGE does not contain the contents of your blog posts. Hence, the 'Read More' link does not apply.

      Please refer to my previous article at
      where it explains the following :

      It is a useful tag that you can insert in a post, especially for long posts that appear in your blog's index page or HOMEPAGE. With a jump break, it will create an expandable post summary, where the portion above the break shows a snippet of your post, with a "READ MORE" link below it, directing to the full post if the reader wants to read the rest.

  14. Hi Jacqueline,
    Thanks for your reply. I have a problem that is whenever I open the blog from Google search instead of using exact address it jumps to the newest post of the blog instead of opening the homepage. What is the reason and what I have to do? Please

    1. Hi Arif, I don't understand why you have to open your blog via Google search. It is easier to type your blog's url straight into the web address bar provided. If you want it to open at your homepage, just type your blog's address 'cos anything beyond that is your blog's post url.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing this! I accidently deleted my jump link option and this worked perfectly!

    1. You're most welcome, Helena! Great to know I've put a smile on your face.
      Happy blogging!

  16. please help me i`m not getting this please....
    see once this jac


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