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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to create Blogger dropdown archives

Are you fed-up with the Blog Archives in your Blogger blog that appears to grow too long and seem never-ending? Well, just a simple change to a dropdown menu box at your blog archive widget will solve your problem!

The result will just be a small box, looking neat and tidy at your more clutter! It will expand only when clicked to view older posts.

Screen shots of dropdown monthly blog archives

Create a dropdown menu for monthly Blog Archives
with these simple and easy steps :
  1. Sign in to your Blogger account which will then lead you to the Dashboard.
  2. Click on Layout and the Page Elements page appears.
  3. Find the Blog Archive gadget and click Edit.
  4. For options to the right of Style, choose Dropdown Menu
  5. Finally, click Save to exit window when you're done.

    Screen shot of Blogger's Configure Blog Archive window
You'd notice the lovely difference straightaway! Enjoy your new blog look!

Update: May 10 2010
An alternative way to display your archives is to create an Archives Page.
Follow my tutorial here on how to create this comprehensive and useful Table of Contents or Archives Page.

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