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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Identity Options for Leaving Comments on Blogger Blogs

Blogger's commenting system offers many identity options for leaving comments. Yet some blogger blog owners do not provide the complete list of identity options already made available by Google, probably intentionally or unknowingly.

A recent visitor to this blog would like to know why some of the blogs that she wanted to leave a comment on, did not give the Name/URL option. I'm mighty glad that she challenged me for an answer as it pushed me to pursue the matter at hand. Frankly, I had encountered such similar scenario and had always wondered why, but never bothered to investigate further until then.

It can be frustrating when commenting on a blog or website, and find that you're unable to link back to the desired blog of yours that has related contents.

Therefore, it is advisable to offer the complete list of identity options for commenting to your readers and reward them for visiting your blog. Anyway, it's as easy as ABC to enable it at your blog's setting.

Here's how to provide the full list of Identity Options for commenting:

  1. Log in to your Blogger account. At Dashboard, click on the related Blog's Name that you'll be working on.

    Screenshot showing the blog's dashboard

  2. Go to your 'Settings' > 'Posts and comments' tab.

  3. Then, scroll to 'Who can comment?' and select the option 'Anyone - includes Anonymous Users' and remember to save changes by clicking 'Save Settings' at the top-right of the page.

    Screenshot showing how to configure your blog's setting for comments

    The next image below shows the complete list of identity options made available for Blogger blogs when you select 'Anyone' to comment on your blog.

    Screenshot showing the Identity Options available when allowing 'Anyone' to comment on your blog

    That is all you need to do to enable the complete list of Identity Options for your readers to leave their comments. Easy, right?

Take note: by not allowing 'Anyone' to comment on your blog, and by selecting 'Registered User' instead, then the last two options of Name/URL and Anonymous won't be available to commenters as seen in the image below.

Screenshot showing the Identity Options available when allowing only 'Registered User' to comment on your blog

Select wisely. The choice is yours, of course!

  "Keep learning ~~ keep smiling ~~ keep sharing"


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  2. Is this only for blogger or also for the main other blog-websites?

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